TheNewtonGroup provides exciting and motivational keynote addresses.  Sam Newton, President of TheNewtonGroup incorporates, videos, case studies, humorous anecdotes to not only entertain the audience but to convey his years of experience in the areas of:

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Leadership Strategies for a High Performing Organization

Sam Newton presents a number of strategies leaders and managers can employ to create a culture of commitment in the organization. During this talk, emphasis will be on generating discretionary effort from the organization through effective strategies such as managing change, servant leadership, employee engagement and performance management.

Leading Change and Transition

In this talk, Sam Newton addresses how change impacts individual and organizations. He then presents ways for leaders to overcome organizational resistance to change and how by ways to lead and manage change through effective change strategies.


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As a Man Thinketh: The Power of Positive Thinking

In this inspiring and motivational talk, Sam Newton, President of TheNewtonGroup describes and simplifies the linkage between our thinking and our behaviors - how our attitude impacts our performance. Sam also presents strategies for individuals to  protect themselves and to guard their mental programming so they can stay positive in a challenging world.

Anything is Possible!

Life Lessions I learned from the Ironman

The Ironman is considered one of the worlds most grueling and challenging endurance events. It consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.. all with a time deadline of 17 hours. Sam Newton has completed 5 such events! In this extremely motivational and poignant talk, Sam Newton, describes what he learned from training and completing the Ironman and translates these learnings so individuals can be inspired and motivated to pursue success in their personal and professional lives and to realize "Anything is Possible."

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