Just a few of TheNewtonGroup's past accomplishments...

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Smith Services University

TheNewtonGroup designed and delivered a customized leadership development initiative for one of the largest Oil and Gas Services organizations in the world. The program focused on the developing leadership skills in the areas of communication, leading change, teamwork, vision casting, strategic thinking and the importance of relationships.

Over a 5 year period, TheNewtonGroup trained over 400 existing and emerging supervisors, managers and executives across multiple divisions located throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Tier 1 Energy Solutions

TheNewtonGroup has been providing consulting services to Tier 1 Energy Solutions since the company's inception in 2014. TheNewtonGroup has been intimately involved in the strategic planning, organizational development and leadership development of this highly successful organization experiencing 100% annual growth rate located in 10 different locations across the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and Sasketchewan as well as in the U.S.

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Wawanesa Insurance Co.

TheNewtonGroup designed a leadership development program for three separate regions of Wawanesa Insurance Company in Canada. Each region was modified  to meet specific leadership, cultural and business challenges. In total, TheNewtonGroup played an integral part in developing the leadership skills of over 200 of Wawanesa's leaders ranging from their High-Potentials to their Regional VPs creating a culture of commitment and collaboration.

Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

TheNewtonGroup has designed, developed and delivered dozens of workshops for Anadarko Petroleum Corp. to develop functional strategic plans, improve team-work and improve overall organizational effectiveness. Tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Birkman Method and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Instrument have been employed to strengthen team effectiveness and interpersonal skills.

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Sinopec is one of the major state-owned petroleum energy and chemicals companies in China. Over a 10 year period, TheNewtonGroup has trained over 500 mid to upper level engineering, planning, finance, accounting and technology executives in areas of leadership, strategic planning and teambuilding.